First self-peeling tomato for faster, lower cost processing


University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a unique genetic signature that imparts the easy peel quality in tomatoes and have grown and tested a range of plants for consistency and range of the quality. With this information, we believe we can now adjust the timing and ease of skin removal to adapt plants for varying purposes.

Key Benefits

- No water, heat, chemicals or other engineering is required, which could save 25% in production costs.
- The skins are also unprocessed, thus have the ability to be repurposed.


The tomatoes may be able to be consumed fresh, but the target market is in processed products such as canned tomatoes, salsas, juice, purees, sauces and soups. Further investigation needs to be done on the taste of a less worked product.
Another potential application will be in use of the skin to extract lycopene, as the skin will not have been processed through extreme heat or chemical means.

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