HearAngel provides wireless headphone users with hearing safeguarding features and headphones manufacturers with features which will soon be required by updated regulations.


HearAngel is licensable, IP protected, firmware for inclusion in wireless headphones which measures the user’s sound exposure and provides them with, in conjunction with a partner app, easy to understand information so they can manage their exposure and that of their children to prevent avoidable hearing loss. The product safety regulations and standards in Europe and North America will require features like this in the near future. HearAngel provides wireless headphone manufacturers with a feature which will soon be required by updated regulations.

Key Benefits

New safety standards have been introduced and regulations are about to be updated to help protect wireless headphone users. This means that in the near future all wireless headphones sold in Europe. followed shortly by North America, will be required by regulation to have features which provide users with information about their sound exposure so that they can manage it themselves to reduce their risk of avoidable hearing loss. The larger wireless headphone/hearable manufacturers who have the resources (e.g. Apple/Bose/Huawei/Sony) have already introduced their own proprietary solutions to meet these regulations We will license HearAngel to those wireless headphone manufacturers who do not have the option to develop a compliant solution themselves We have contracts, agreements or Memorandum of Understanding with five of the key suppliers to these wireless headphone manufacturers to add the HearAngel feature to their reference designs. This provides the wireless headphone manufacturers with an effective, low risk, low friction route to implementation and HearAngel with an excellent route to license agreements.


HearAngel is licensable, IP protected, firmware for which will be licensed to the manufacturers of all types wireless headphones, headsets, earpieces, earbuds, TWS and hearables.

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