Field of Expertise

Helping headphone users to manage their exposure to sound to help them prevent permanent hearing damage


SAFEGUARDING HEADPHONE USERS' HEARING TO PREVENT PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE Our hearing has not evolved to tolerate the levels of sound that our ears routinely experience and our exposure levels have already reached critical levels. There is increasing evidence that this is permanently damaging our hearing, a recent survey showing that a group of 20 year old women had the hearing more typical of 40 year olds 20 years ago. The majority of the group exposure came from headphone use. If these women do not change their listening habits soon they run the risk of having profound hearing difficulties in their early 40s. Because of this risk we have spent the last ten years safeguarding the hearing of headphone users in the work place to prevent them from suffering this type of permanent hearing damage whilst enabling their employers to meet their obligations under the safety at work regulations. The company is the approved suppliers to The BBC, NATO, The Metropolitan Police, The Canadian Government and the Royal Netherlands military amongst many others. We are using the expertise and IP we have gained to help wireless headphone/hearable/TWS manufacturers deliver hearing safeguarding features to their users that meet the safety standards. Our hearing safeguarding, safety standard compliant, embedded software, HearAngel, is licensed to wireless headphone/hearable/TWS manufacturers, often in partnership with chip manufacturers and other software providers.