Metagenomic analysis of microbial populations removes issues encountered when utilising traditional microbiological techniques when dynamic, diverse microbial populations are used


Advanced Microbial Profiling, using metagenomics, is a technique used to overcome the challenges encountered when trying to apply traditional microbiological techniques to dynamic, complex, mixed culture fermentations. Campden BRI offer this service, as well as the ability to screen fermentations for molecules of interest, as well as knowledge of applications into food and drink products. Campden BRI has a long history of working with some of the worlds largest food and drink companies, as well as leading universities, on the impact of fermentation on health, taste, texture and shelf life, as well as the production of novel ingredients and products. AMP is a tool that could be used to advance that understanding even further.

Key Benefits

Campden BRI's techniques and services will help companies harness the power of fermentation to deliver value added, clean label solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the food and drink industry. The combination of fundamental technical insight, as well as experienced application specialists mean we can offer a range of services.

Advanced Microbial Profiling is a cutting edge technique that allows an in depth understanding of microbial population dynamics, at a level of detail previously impossible. Coupled with advanced chemical, biochemical and other microbial techniques, fermentations, and the transformations that occur, can be analysed at an advanced level


AMP has applications across the food and drink industry, from safety and compliance, to more research focused areas.

It is suggested that AMP, combined with chemical assays, can help identify and characterise fermentations, and the outputs of fermentations, to a high degree, allowing innovative ingredients to be developed

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