Antibacterial surface coating against bacteria and biofilm adhesion. Easy-to-clean and non-bactericidal. Simple coating process and chemical bonding to the surface.


Flux Polymers offers a simple solution to create easy-to-clean-surfaces which keep bacteria and biofilm away.
Our coating is not bactericidal and stops the adhesion of bacteria and biofilm to the surface right from the beginning. The technology is applied with a very simple process and is chemically bound to plastic, composite material and painted surfaces. It is not toxic, does not change the optic nor haptic of the surface and also works on flexible surfaces.

Key Benefits

● very simple coating process
● equips surfaces with an easy-to-clean effect
● physically antibacterial - not bactericidal - and therefore does not induce resistance
● not toxic
● chemically bound to the surface and therefore as durable as the coated material itself
● does not change the optic nor haptic
● resists most environmental influences, such as temperature, acids, solvents and more
● also works on flexible surfaces


● Medical products
● Cleaning & Hygiene
● Boats
● Filtration
● Domestic appliances
● Mechanical engineering
● Anti Fog
● Toys & Textiles
● Clean room

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