JACK & CHILL provides natural & minimally processed Plant based ingredients - 1)Pulled Jackfruit- popular as "Vegan Pulled Pork"2) Banana Blossom - known as "Vegan Fish & Chips"


Pulled Jackfruit has gained huge popularity as "Vegan Pulled Pork" due to its texture & capability to take on any flavour.

JACK & CHILL launched its Frozen range of Jackfruit products in January 2019. Our ISO accredited factories based in India have been manufacturing Frozen food for over 25 years now.

Our Frozen Jackfruit Biryani, Jackfruit Burgers & Pulled Jackfruit have received an amazing response that we are stocked in over 400 independent health stores in the UK, Europe & Ireland.

Our customers love that we use very minimal and natural ingredients to make our products, so they are just like how you make at home.

We already supply Pulled Jackfruit & Thin Chunks in bulk packs as an ingredient to manufacturers & food service sector in the UK.
They prefer our Frozen Jackfruit to the tinned ones as we do not add any brine or preservatives.

We also have plans to supply other Jackfruit products like:-
1) Ripe Jackfruit - that can be added to cereals, smoothies or icecreams
2) Jackfruit Chips - as an on the go snack
3) Jackfruit seeds
4) Banana Blossom - The new Vegan Fish & Chips

Key Benefits

As Jackfruit has taken the UK market by storm, we are proud to be ahead of the curve by offering our innovative solution to the customers.

Benefits of using our products are:-
1) Presence of 2 ISO 22000 certified factories based in Kerala, India who have been manufacturing Frozen food for over 25 years. They export Indian Frozen Food products to USA, UK, Australia and Europe.
2) Our Frozen Jackfruit has a longer shelf life
3) Reduces the labour of opening and disposing the cans and also getting it Pulled.
4 As they are freshly frozen, it does not require any additives or preservatives like tinned Jackfruit.
5 Minimally processed
6 Young Jackfruit is low in fat or Fat free
7) Great meaty texture

Adding Jackfruit to your portfolio will open a wide range of opportunities with the growing consumer trend to reduce meat consumption.


The target customers to use Jackfruit in bulk will be:-

Food service sector
Travel & Leisure sector
Education & Health

The target customers for retail packs of Burger & Biryani will be:-
Retail independent shops
Health stores

The target consumers will be:-
Meat reducers

Jackfruit can be used in any dishes like curries, sandwich fillers, tacos, burgers, sausages, kebabs, noodles, pasta, pizza and many more!

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