Touch2Build is a task management tool designed specifically for the construction industry. Keep track of the teams workload, time management and essential work documents.


In an industry which can involve large teams to complete, strong management and oversight become increasingly necessary to complete projects on schedule and upto standard. The larger the team or the bigger the project, the more likely these schedules and standards can begin to slip. We have created an App specifically to serve the workforce. Our aim is to provide a tool that will keep teams connected and informed every step of the way.

Key Benefits

Below is a short summary of the added values Touch2build can bring to your team(s):

o Remote monitoring of tasks progression – using picture proof/job status
o Reduce risk of Covid-19 contagion/virus contagion – by increasing remote task supervisions
o Quick project turnaround – better communication between sites and offices
o Better documents sharing/control – by remotely updating/managing documents
o One stop for all documents – Ease to share between sites and offices/teams

o Social impact:
-Reduce the risk of contagion during a pandemic
-Better communications between teams/leaders
-Shorten project durations (in the community viewpoint)
-Better communication
-Quick responses to queries

o Environment impact:
-Reduction of the amount of papers/drawings
-Reduction of the amount of CO2 emissions
-Less use of cars for inspections
-Reduction of material wastes
-Better communication


Touch2build is designed to serve both the construction market and the housing market (in particular the property management companies, construction companies, housing association and the councils).

Touch2build improves communication on sites/buildings and empowers productivity via its App (GooglePlay)

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