PiCo collects sales & customer data from any group of physical stores in real-time.Perfect for Loyalty, Supply chain & Brands PiCo is independent of the POS Hardware and Software.


PiCo are the Global leaders in connecting Physical stores with the Digital World.
We turn any Retail Point-of-Sale estate into a connected network.
Perfect for Malls, Loyalty Programs, Supply Chain management and Brands
Retailers and Rewards Program Operators can choose from a range of solutions to connect sales and customer data with the Cloud - in real-time.
PiCo is agnostic to the POS Hardware and Software and requires no integration.

Key Benefits

By collecting real-time sales and Customer data at the Register, PiCo enables Retailers and the Brands they sell to connect with the Customer in real-time. It enhances the customer experience through Loyalty and Rewards possible from any register in any store.
PiCo saves retailers the expense of upgrading to cloud-based POS
PiCo also provides an auditable record of transactions for supply chain, so Manufacturers can better manage production and distribution.


Retail Point-of-Sale
Retail Supply Chain
CPG Brands
Customer Relationship Management

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