SlimLiiv™, is a commercialization-ready phytonutrient-rich food powder that has shown anti-inflammatory effects, as well as reductions in weight and cholesterol in mouse models.


The first product of the company is commercialization-ready stage SlimLiiv™, a food powder that demonstrated weight control potential in three studies. SlimLiiv™ powder further demonstrates anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering and anti-cancer effects when added to the standard diet in lab trials. This asset can be marketed in the near term in the weight loss category and can be further refined to create a family of consumer products targeted at various health categories focused on prevention. There is strong and growing demand from consumers for safe and effective products they can purchase to take control of their health.

Key Benefits

Use as an ingredient in food products such as snacks and beverages
Reduces weight, triglycerides and cholesterol
Prevents an increase in weight and cholesterol
All Natural
High bioavailability


Weight loss industry
Health and Wellness
Sports and Fitness
Weight Management

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