The Spiral Ring Interchange and Complete Park & Ride System stop cars at city outskirts, moving people to city center by public transport. It can be built with real estate on top.


SRI is a startup that has been tackling two main reasons for the congestion epidemic: Inefficient traffic and the search for parking. Complete system interchanges help, but Impose staggering costs on authorities. We offer two innovative, infrastructure-oriented solutions (which can be complementary). But the "Real-Deal" is that building this complex could create revenue (!!!) for the authority.

Spiral Ring Interchange (S.R.I): the most efficient complete-system highway interchange, offering the best ratio of land-use/capacity/costs, and which can also be built in urban areas previously considered too small for interchanges.

Complete Park & Ride System (C.P.R.S): an efficient, land saving, user-friendly system which includes parking, public transportation services and safe pedestrian accessibility, designed to be located on highways, at intersections and junctions, and within the trapped areas of interchanges such as the S.R.I.

C.P.R.S allows for the building of Real-Estate above it, which would make the hole complex profitable (!!!) for the authority.

For commuters, a car may be the easiest way to leave home, but the worst way to enter the city center. An S.R.I & C.P.R.S located at the outskirts of a metropolis would stop cars already at the highway interchange, and enable commuters to transfer to a train, bus or shared mobility instead. This would mean less traffic jams, less urban congestion, and no need for parking search.

Key Benefits

S.R.I & C.P.R.S's advantages over contemporary interchanges are that they: [1] Save $ millions by reducing: congestion, park search and gas emissions; [2] Can be adopted in numerous road intersections; [3] Fit future trends of Smart Mobility and MaaS, by giving car-fleets a pick & drop point for passengers, and a night service area; [4] Allow for the building of Real-Estate above it, which would make the hole complex profitable (!!!) for the authority.
Furthermore, S.R.I & C.P.R.S is a transportation infrastructure solution, that will also better-address the need for highway interchanges in the years to come after the Covid-19 crisis (a limited, temporary reduction in commuting and congestion at peak-hours; but also a reduction in state/city authorities' willingness to invest in building new highway infrastructure). The condensed geometry of S.R.I & C.P.R.S allows for the building of Real Estate directly above the transportation complex, for offices, logistic centers and so forth, which can actually be very profitable to the authority.


SRIs' main revenue by is selling IP usage licenses of patents to: Planners, Contractors & Authorities, creating a whole new market for them. We offer 3 services: [1] S.R.I & C.P.R.S license – a tool kit allowing to apply for a construction project based on the S.R.I & C.P.R.S concepts. [2] Project support & planning – our R&D team will offer support to projects of optimizing the company’s concepts according to local conditions “on-the-ground”. [3] Royalties from successful project submission – the company will be entitled to a percentage from the total project value.

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