Field of Expertise

Industrial Design, Public Policy


I have a unique expertise in the fields of design and public policy, which led me to develop a solution for highway interchanges, Park & Ride lots and public transport hubs (all combined in one complex).

Inefficient traffic and parking search are two main causes for the growing congestion epidemic, with staggering costs worldwide! Land’s high cost and shortage will create an ever growing conflict of mobility infrastructure versus residence and employment, especially in city-centers. Metropolitan areas are unable to accommodate all private vehicles getting in city-centers every morning.

The Spiral Ring Interchange (S.R.I), and the Complete Park & Ride System (C.P.R.S) stop cars at city outskirts, moving people to city center by train, bus or MaaS! SRI allows for additional real estate above the transportation complex which would pay for some of the public expenditure. This means much better infrastructure for commuters, and much faster implementation.