Consentua is a consent management tool that helps organisations to achieve data protection compliance and gives individuals choice and control over how their personal data is used.


Consentua increases trust between an individual and an organisation that uses their data. This leads to a better user experience in selling the organisation's goods and services.  Consentua does this unobtrusively, seamlessly integrated to the host app. Enabling the organisation to comply with the consent requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.   What is Consentua? Consentua is a consent management platform. It gives individuals choice and control over how their personal data is used, helps organisations to demonstrate data protection compliance, and builds trust between service providers and their customers. Organisations deploy Consentua within their own applications via easy to use APIs to capture the consent of their own users. Individuals use Consentua enabled mobile apps to manage the consents they have given. The laws around consent are changing in 2018. Consentua gives organisations the ability to keep ahead of these changes and provide a fully audited history of their personal data consent transactions.   GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enacted in May 2018. It is European legislation to control the use of personal data which will supercede the UK's Data Protection Act. Although the legislation is European, it will affect all companies globally that market to European citizens. The GDPR requires organisations collect clear, unambiguous consent before processing personal data, and to keep records of the consent interactions. Individuals have the right to change their minds and also have the right to be forgotten. The UK Government have confirmed that GDPR will be adopted in full irrespective of the decision to leave the European Union. Consentua helps manage these requirements and fully adheres to the GDPR. Why it affects you! GDPR applies to all organisations that use, store or process personal data. It enables your organisation to enjoy a better, more trustful relationship with your customers which, in turn, leads to more business.  The maximum fine for breaches of the new regulations is €20m, or 4% of global turnover. The GDPR covers all EU citizens irrespective of where their data is processed, and impacts any organisation that processes personal data. How Consentua answers the problem Consentua is a consent management service. It enables a more trusting relationship between the citizen and the processors of their data. Consentua uses a unique user interface that clearly articulates the equitable exchange between the processor's use of your data and what the citizen can expect as a result. Users can see their historic consents. Data processors can see who can access services and which interactions have been consented to. This improves customer satisfaction through greater trust between customer and provider. Consentua thus delivers two benefits - happy customers and a happy data protection officer. *Visit our site now using the contact button!

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