Field of Expertise

Software Services and Business Consulting


KnowNow Information is an award-winning software developer, and winner of the 2014 Open Data prize.

Our current software includes

Consentua - A leading, global consent management platform. Lightweight and easy to deploy, it provides a record of consent for the organisation as well as choice and control for the individual. It has processed up to 30 million consent interactions in a single day. Originally funded by InnovateUK.

Entelligently - Automated comfort for commercial buildings. A joint venture with PCSG. This enables the occupant to be engaged & persuaded so new nudges and prods to behaviour can be promoted. It automates delivery of a sustainable energy profile for a building. Currently deployed in buildings across the UK. Awarded an Innovate UK award in 2016.

We also develop software for our customers. Projects have included,

Chatbots - Customer service Intelligent agents built for local authorities including the London Borough of Brent.

Launch International - AI for Resource Identification and skills matching

MobileID - Border-secure identification verification using mobile devices

KnowNow also provides Smart City consultancy to cities all around the world based on designing interoperable systems and focusing on cost-effective​ service delivery. Customer cities have included Kuala Lumpur, London and we are currently working with Winchester, UK.

Previously KnowNow won the 2014 Open Data Institute's Big Data Innovation award and developed the Flood Event Model in conjunction with the Science and Technology Facilities Council's Hartree Centre