An end-to-end product testing service that allows you to test at any stage of your NPD at scale, with real target customers and cutting-edge analytics


Our service allows you to quickly test your products on a large scale with your key customer demographics before you have spent any money on packaging, branding or marketing. Our insights can help you with NPD, product/market fit, concept validation, and increasing sales. Our costs are inline with traditional panel studies, but we allow you to collect a significantly higher volume of data from more testers, creating value for both your NPD and marketing teams.

We do all the work for you: First we find your customers, design the trial, label and post your products. Once our testers submit their feedback via our app, we process their responses using machine learning analytics to give you actionable insights in the form of an easy to read report. As it is a remote service, it is unaffected by Covid and highly relevant to D2C brands. If you are a challenger brand, you can test your products against your competition without revealing who you are during the testing process.

TestBuds is the next generation in product testing, founded by two friends: a PhD organic chemist and a data analytics expert with 20 years worth of experience from a wide range of positions across organic chemistry, consulting and data analytics.

Key Benefits

Why our customers choose TestBuds:

- Enhance Creativity: Our insights help you create better products and maximise sales.

- Save Time & Effort: Our end-to-end service does all the heavy lifting, with a report delivered in 1-3 weeks.

- Decision Support: Ensure you have the right product for market before an expensive launch.

- Understanding Audience (D2C): Understand why your audience likes your products. Optimise product:audience
fit to boost sales.

- Deal Support & Diligence: Strengthen your negotiation position with investors or buyers, using 3rd party data-backed

- Data Analytics & Machine Learning: Test products at scale without reading each and every feedback sheet. Extract
hidden insights.


All consumer product testing you could imagine doing in a traditional hall setting can be achieved remotely using our system.

Our cutting-edge analytics and data visualisations allow you to quickly get to the point on the larger data sets achievable through a remote research project.

Our audience and consumer data, based on the exact consumer demographics you require, are collected for each TestBuds member when they sign-up. This provides a highly detailed picture of your audience, allowing you to use data-led insights to target and understand key demographics or traits within your testing group.

If you would like to know more, we are happy to supply an overview document with recent testimonials or organise an introductory meeting to show you how the system works and answer any additional questions you may have.

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