Employee engagement - evolved

A lifeline for busy line managers and HR teams - save time and achieve your business objectives by generating action plans directly from employees' experience of work.


WeThrive goes way beyond the traditional employee engagement survey. Our software uncovers how your people truly feel, revealing the subconscious factors at the root of common workplace issues. It enables your line managers to take control of employee engagement with easy to read coaching plans, supporting resources and post survey action tracking. This takes employee engagement and employee experience way beyond the realm of nice-to-have features of the workplace, turning them into vital elements of the battle to improve productivity, sick rates and retention of key staff.

Key Benefits

WeThrive supports a cycle of learning that leads directly to improvements in business KPIs. Using WeThrive a company can truly listen to staff in a way that reveals what works and what doesn't about their working life. It allows you to understand their concerns and frustrations, whether or not the staff are conscious of them or not. It automatically generates action plans to help line managers or other change agents hold the right conversations with staff, and provides contextual learning materials to help managers hold those conversations effectively. It then tracks what has been done and what remains to be achieved. Used as part of a carefully constructed learning cycle WeThrive helps customers achieve substantial improvements in business KPIs. This takes employee engagement and employee experience out of the realm of well-meant generalities and uses the information employees provide to drive business improvements directly.


WeThirve is used as a core part of employee engagement, employee experience and employee wellbeing programmes. Our customers are primarily SMEs and enterprises up to 8000 staff.

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