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Shell is searching for an application solution to help digitalise their current paper-based gift voucher process by enabling digitalisation, distribution and tracking of gift vouchers, collection of important customer data and reduction of costs.

Application Deadline
April 30th, 2021
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In an increasingly mobile and connected world Shell aims to be at the forefront of change, setting the pace as industry leaders. To do this we will keep diversifying and innovating to deliver what our customers need, both today and into the future. 

The ‘Shell experience’ strives to treat every customer like a guest at Shell Service Stations and in the digital world. If we fall short of this promise, as well as addressing the root cause of the problem, we also want a quick and easy way of compensating customers. Historically, this has been via paper gift vouchers. We would like to modernise this process for today’s digital age.


Shell aim to explore potential opportunities to improve our current paper-based gift voucher process by implementing an application solution that enables us to digitalise, distribute and track gift vouchers, collect important customer data and reduce costs.

In order to achieve this, we have partnered with IBM and their innovation partner Whitespace to source the most innovative startups and SMEs to help digitalise this process and support Shell and it’s clients in achieving a high standard of customer service.

We are looking for an application solution that can be applied to the following use cases:

  • Distribution of a Shell gift vouchers directly to customers as compensation following a customer complaint
  • Distribution of Shell gift vouchers to a partner’s customers
  • Conversion of a Shell gift vouchers to Shell Go+ visits

What's in it for you?

Shell and IBM will select a small number of stand-out teams to progress forward and work on the challenge. 

This Challenge offers opportunities for all applicants:

  • The most exciting and impactful applicant will work with Shell on a paid pilot or “proof-of-concept” project in the UK, with the support of IBM
  • Potential partnership with IBM and Shell to access new markets and accelerate product and/or service development
  • General awareness, promotion and branding for all applicants
  • Opportunities for all applicants to join IBM’s Partner Ecosystem


Challenge Entry Criteria 

  • The solution should support rapid API integration with external systems
  • The solution must be deployable on mobile devices
  • The application must be a complete solution capable of customer data collection, distribution and tracking of gift vouchers and conversion to another form of compensation
  • The solution must have proven capabilities and already be deployed in a retail type use case
  • The solution must be above Technology Readiness Level 4 requirements
  • The applicant must be a UK registered company


Challenge Dates

17th March 2021 - Launch Date

30th April 2021 - Application Deadline

May 2021 - The selection process


Applications will close on 30th April 2021 at 11:59pm (GMT).

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].