Disruptive Technology in Joint Health

Innovation Challenge

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Chugai and IBM are seeking companies with disruptive technologies or developing innovations in the understanding of joint pain and maintaining joint integrity.

Application Deadline
March 7th, 2022
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Chugai has been involved over many years in therapeutic areas achieving Global success with medications that tackle joint damage in both immunology and haematology.  Our goal with this challenge is to create objectivity and accuracy in interpreting joint integrity and joint pain thereby increasing the understanding of what is happening in a patient’s joint and thereby improve diagnosis and treatment pathways for patients.


Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd would welcome 'pitches' from partners that could aid in searching for a disruptive innovation that objectively identifies and/or monitors the course of pain within a joint which could help optimise patients' treatment. Your disruptive technology (although not limited to) could help in the following ways.

Support achieving the goal of accurate real-time management of joint health by speeding up the process of reporting joint pain and integrity between physicians and patients.

Understand the cause of joint pain and/or how understanding joint pain can optimise a patient’s journey.

Ability to accurately and quickly predict potential disease flare within a joint.

What's in it for you?

The Opportunity

Chugai and IBM will select a small number of stand-out teams to progress forward and work on the challenge. 

This Challenge offers opportunities for all applicants:

General awareness, promotion and branding for all applicants.

The opportunity to showcase your solution to key stakeholders within Chugai Pharma Europe with the support of IBM and Whitespace. 

Potential partnership with IBM and Chugai to access new markets and accelerate product and/or service development.

Opportunities for all applicants to join IBM’s Partner Ecosystem.

The winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to accelerate the development of their solution in collaboration with Chugai.

What can you expect from Chugai?

Access to Chugai’s experts and network

Dedicated point of contact at Chugai Europe

Support from Chugai’s innovation, business and medical teams

Business opportunities

Quick-win and long-term relationships

Potential international expansion (Europe & Asia)

What can you expect from IBM?

Access to IBM’s technology and experts

Assistance with any aspects of IBM cloud, AI/ML, security or data access that you chose to use

Cloud credits to cover any IBM cloud technologies that you chose to use

Business opportunities

If you chose to use IBM technology and partner with IBM, access to a range of Go To Market programs and support.

Challenge Dates:

10th of January 2022 - Challenge Launch

28th of February 2022 - Application Deadline

March - April 2022 - The selection process

All applicants must read the IBM Privacy Statement before submitting their application and agree to it upon submission.

Open Innovation at Chugai Pharma

Leverage technologies to improve patients’ lives

At Chugai, we see open innovation as an enabler to improve our patient’s quality of life.  At all stages of the patient journey, we thrive to create innovative products leveraging our expertise as well as cutting-edge technologies.

The healthcare industry is facing a major turning point and we are convinced that the future of medicine and care will be built around close collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and external partners mastering the necessary technologies.

Think big, start small, scale fast

Those three steps, made famous by Jim Carroll, are fully aligned with our approach to open innovation at Chugai. Our ambition is bold, and we are building what it takes to reach our objectives. If you want to change the outcome, you have to change the process. And this is what we do at Chugai.

You will be collaborating with Chugai’s European Innovation Team representing our 3 European affiliates (France, Germany and UK), directly linked to the Chugai Pharma Europe Executive Committee.

We previously participated in several Digital Pharma Lab seasons in France and we

are now ready and excited to take it to the international level with our partners Whitespace and IBM.

If you have smart technology, you are a motivated team with an open mindset and you wish to transform healthcare with us, please apply.  They were technology is more important to us than the market-ready status of the technology.

Partner with IBM to innovate and grow

Having everything you need to react to the challenges you face will make the difference between gaining an advantage over your competitors or being left behind.  You will undoubtedly need access to Application Programming Interfaces, from AI to Cloud Native, development tools and code patterns, or just a cloud platform to create your prototype.  You can access IBM technology to help to create or enhance your solution, including:

IBM Watson, to create AI/ML models

Cloud object, file and structured databases

Development tools & starter code-patterns

Cloud Platform for deployment (Kubernetes, code engine, VMs, cloud functions)

Surfacing your solution within the OpenShift operator hub across multiple clouds, where appropriate

As an IBM partner, you can unlock a variety of benefits to explore IBM technologies with world-class technical support, training and education.  In addition, we offer new partners up to $12,000 of IBM Cloud credits for hands-on access to 170+ industry-leading cloud services to learn the technology and build solutions. 

 Claim your free IBM Cloud credits and start building [link to: https://www.ibm.com/partners/start/12k-partner-with-ibm/]

More generally, whether you are taking part in this Tech Innovation Challenge, or you have a next-generation solution in mind that you are eager to develop and launch, IBM PartnerWorld provides support and expertise no matter where you are on your journey. Joining IBM’s Partner Ecosystem is the catalyst for your business to achieve new levels of success. The IBM PartnerWorld Program is designed for partners to thrive in the Cloud Era by introducing a new track and benefits for partners who build innovative applications.

When you join IBM PartnerWorld you can: 

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