Carbon Capture Technologies

Decarbonising our manufacturing processes

Brickworks is seeking innovations in carbon capture technologies for reducing our carbon footprint

Application Deadline
October 3rd, 2023
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Brickworks is Australia's largest brickmaker and concrete products manufacturer with operations both in Australia and United States. We are continuously looking for innovations to improve both processes and plant efficiencies while improving on environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.


Brickworks is seeking innovations in carbon capture technologies for the application of de-carbonising clay brick production. 

Brickworks is focused on improving their environmental sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Traditionally brick firing processes utilise natural gas, a non-renewable energy source which contributes carbon emissions as a part of the combustion process. As such, it is highly desirable to Brickworks and our stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions and therefore reduce the total embodied carbon in our building products. One way to achieve this is to apply carbon capture technologies to our kiln firing processes.

We are looking for developments in carbon capture technologies that are proven and immediately applicable for commercial use. The technology must be suitable for and capable of:

  • Processing gas flow rates of 1100 dry STP m3/min 
  • Carbon dioxide mass flow rates in the range of 500 – 1000 g/s. 
The technology must also be capable to operate with trace amounts of other substances including Nitrogen Oxides, Fluoride, Sulphur Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Chloride.

What's in it for you?

A successful collaboration could mean for individuals or organizations forming a potential partnership to co-develop the technology and a scale up opportunity with various engagement models.

We are willing to collaborate with both individuals/freelancers, startups and other industry participants including universities. Solutions should be at demonstration/pilot stage of development.