Low Emission Power Supply for Factories in Emerging Countries

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Coca-Cola HBC is looking for green energy power supply management solution for production plants in emerging countries which have no access to a public grid and generate electricity by in-house power plants.

Application Deadline
June 19th, 2024
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We are a growth-focused consumer packaged goods (CPG) business and strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company. We bottle and sell the beverages of The Coca-Cola Company exclusively in our 29 markets. We also partner with other beverage businesses such as Monster Energy, Edrington, Brown-Forman and Campari to sell their products. We create value for all our stakeholders by supporting the socio-economic development of the societies in which we operate and believe building a more positive environmental impact is integral to our future growth.


In some emerging countries, production plants (or factories) have limited or no availability of electricity supply through public grid, so, production plants have in-house CHPs or simple electrical power generation plants with capacity between 3-15 MW. Power generation / supply mix is created from different sources – gas and diesel generators and national grid. In some locations, on-site generated solar energy also participates in the power mix, however, green energy sources are not readily available. Usually, quality of supplied power is not ideal by default.

CocaCola HBC is trying to maximize usage of green energy, mostly through in-house PV power plants. In some plants, PV capacity might be restricted due to lack of possibility to partially export power to the grid when needed.

All above mentioned conditions, create an environment with frequent variations in quality of power supply, with frequent electronic component burn outs and, in some cases, production line stoppages.

We are looking for a sustainable power supply & load management solution for plants with full or partial power self-generation, that integrates multiple power sources and load requirements of 3-15 MW. Solution should ensure the following:

  • Minimum 99.5 % power supply availability
  • Full compliance with power quality requirements 24/7
  • Power sources management, monitoring & reporting system in place
  • Load management features.
  • Maximize usage of PV capacity which might be up to 60 % of plant average load during the day depending on geographical location.
  • Maximize usage of any other green power source, provisions ensuring smooth transition to 100 % green power supply
  • Minimal or no backup power infrastructure

What's in it for you?

Developing a replicable solution for reliable, resilient and effective power supply for plants with full or partial power self-generation in emerging countries, supporting accelerated transition to green energy sources and minimizing required infrastructure.