Gathering Customer Data at Point Of Sale Within our Destinations

Owner, Operator and Developer of Sustainable Prime Urban Estates

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Hammerson are seeking innovative solutions and expertise to identify how they can capture customer data from Point Of Sale (Hammerson does not own the POS systems).

Application Deadline
May 3rd, 2023
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At Hammerson, we own flagship destinations around which we can curate and reshape entire neighbourhoods and city centre spaces, with 13 flagships in great locations across UK, France and Ireland.

We create vibrant, continually evolving spaces in and around thriving cities, where people and brands want to be. We seek to deliver value for all our stakeholders and create a positive and sustainable impact for generations to come.


To ensure we create exceptional customer experiences in our destinations, we’d like to learn more about our customer journey.

We are seeking innovative solutions that can capture key customer data from Point Of Sale systems from our retail, F&B and leisure operators. Note, we don’t own the POS systems.

If your innovation doesn’t fit one of the above criteria, Hammerson would still encourage you to apply.

What's in it for you?

Hammerson are keen to work with companies to test and learn by implementing in one of more of our flagship assets in UK, France or Ireland. Following a successful proof of concept, then we would be keen to explore further potential and scalability across the portfolio. This may lead to a commercial partnership. 

We will also work closely and provide feedback to help co-develop the product or technology.