The Future of Childhood Nutrition

To make healthy, natural food and drink that helps people and planet live well and die old.

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Innocent are looking for innovative ways to increase the beneficial nutrition of our kids products.

Application Deadline
February 28th, 2023
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Innocent is one of the largest Juice and Smoothie brands in Europe. We make healthy, natural, tasty drinks to make it easier for people to do themselves some good.

Innocent use only natural ingredients that people would find in their kitchen cupboards at home and keep the strange or scientific sounding ingredients to a minimum, without using additives. One of our key focuses is ensuring all ingredients are sustainably sourced, starting at farm level.


All of our kids smoothies and juices were designed to have at least one portion of fruit in them, and we have expanded on this with our kids super smoothie range, which includes added nutrition such as iron, vitamins and fibre.

Innocent R&D are interested in how we can deliver the future of childhood nutrition in a natural way, for example, ingredients that support children's growth, wellness, gut health, brain development or natural fortification.

Clean label is really important to us, and all solutions should be naturally derived.

What's in it for you?

The idea is what matters; we would be willing to collaborate with any size organisation, from solo inventor to global company or university. If successful we are open to discussing supporting development of your solution, whether this be joint application work or financially.