Sustainability For Our People - How Do We Do Better?

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KBR are looking for innovators, experts and solutions which will improve access to sustainability for individuals in their daily lives. This includes products and services that can be utilised in the workplace that will encourage employees to contribute toward the Sustainable development goals.

Application Deadline
September 20th, 2022
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KBR is a global engineering solutions provider at the forefront of technological innovation. We are constantly evolving, and moving industries and our customers forward, to deliver leading science, technology, and engineering solutions across the globe.

Our Australian Infrastructure Services business plans, designs and delivers a wide range of infrastructure projects. Focus markets include transport (rail, roads, ports), water (dams, pipelines, sewage, water treatment plants), buildings, defence infrastructure, program management and construction consultancy.


KBR Infrastructure Services is seeking feedback and guidance on how we can improve access to Sustainability for our People in their daily lives. Sustainability in this context means products or services that allow employees to make positive contributions to any of the Sustainable Development Goals, or that allows employees to contribute towards positive environmental and social impact outcomes.

Like the journey of safety over the last 20+ years, we believe embedding sustainability not only in our workplace, but in our personal lives as well, will be instrumental in nurturing enduring behaviours and improving sustainability outcomes for our people and the communities in which we interact. We are developing a wide range of initiatives to create a sustainability centric culture and mindset within our organisation for our people at work and at home.

KBR are open to all types of applicants to submit their innovations / expertise.

How can you help?

We are seeking ideas and innovations from our ecosystem network, to empower our employees and their families by having readily accessible sustainability product and service offerings in the work place and at home.

We are seeking feedback on the following areas;

  1. How can we provide greater access to sustainable products and services to our employees for their personal use and benefit?
  2. What range of sustainable services are available in Australia that our employees could benefit from access to?
  3. What range of sustainable products are available in Australia that our employees could benefit from access to?
  4. What platforms or sustainability networks are available that may offer group purchasing discounts or other benefits?
  5. What sustainable product and service offerings are available that may attract tax incentives or offsets for our people within the Australian tax jurisdiction?

What's in it for you?

We will work with the successful parties to come to mutually beneficial engagements and explore mechanisms such as partnerships/joint ventures, licensing to co-develop and co-launch initiatives.

KBR Infrastructure Services are willing to collaborate with both individual freelancers, universities, technology solutions and other industry participants. Potential solutions can be at any stage of development.