Kickstart Digital

Breakthrough Innovation with Immersive Experience Technology + AI

Seattle-based innovation studio helping corporates catalyze strategies, organizations, and ecosystems.

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Kickstart Digital is a digital practice focused on breakthrough innovation with emerging media and AI. Our mission is to bring the next generation of Immersive Experience Technology to life, and make it fun and useful for all.

We offer strategic planning, investment, design, development, and marketing services to help our clients and partners produce revolutionary products, experiences and ventures that generate meaningful impact.

We understand that turning embryonic technologies into new platforms, products, and experiences is fundamentally different from implementing packaged solutions and developing applications for well established platforms with clearly defined design patterns and development approaches.

That's why we partner with leading designers, developers, labs, startups and investors throughout the Northwest digital ecosystem. We turn one of the world's most dynamic hotbeds of smart, connected computing into a diverse, open virtual innovation lab.