The Climate Innovators Network

Accelerating corporate climate action through innovation

Kite are seeking solutions to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change, enable adaptation to the challenges caused by climate change and accelerate the transition to a net-zero green economy.

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Kite Insights is an agency focused on research-based content, learning and strategic engagement. We believe that business has an urgent responsibility to society and the power to effect global change. We aim to provide a 360-degree view of an issue, exposing the areas that require deep thinking and where your company or organisation’s voice is needed most.

We help organisations articulate and amplify their stance across multiple audiences and platforms while incorporating social impact and responsibility into their broader business strategy. 

We help build internal capacity and external engagement around issues that matter most.The Climate School, Kite’s strategic initiative, exists to accelerate corporate responses to the climate crisis. Our learning and engagement inform, empower and equip each employee in every role to contribute to their company’s green solutions. We draw upon the expertise of thought leaders and of our strategic partners, AXA Climate, Leader’s Quest and School lab, to curate best-in-class training content and activate innovation networks.

We have decades of experience developing content strategies, designing research, action-oriented learning and engagement programmes. We are a team of creative thinkers and listeners, driven by a profound sense of service and desire for positive impact. We are courageous in our questioning, and we inspire boldness in others.


This Climate Innovators Network is looking for innovators to bring forward scalable solutions to climate change and experts who can actively participate in scaling these solutions.  

We are interested in anything that improves efficiencies, saves energy, and protects planetary boundaries; our aim is for corporates who join the network to find hidden inefficiencies and possibilities for innovation that they may not have thought about in their supply chains. 

Any non-confidential summaries of innovative solutions in these areas would be considered as part of the network, as well as experts with a proven track record of accelerating climate action.

What's in it for you?

The aim of this network is source climate innovations, bringing these to the attention of corporates who may wish to develop and use those solutions to accelerate their efforts on climate. The network also aims to generate impactful collaborations between experts, innovators and corporate members, to further accelerate climate solutions.

Technologies on the network can be anywhere from concept to commercially available and can signify when they apply if they need funding to get to a stage where they can be integrated or marketed.

As an innovator or expert on our network, you will gain exposure to some of the biggest global companies and showcasing the skills/innovations that you can bring to the table. We will use our curation and convening expertise to facilitate these deep and impactful relationships as this network grows.