Product Auto Replenishment

An easy, low touch stock replenishment system

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We are looking for solutions to help our client implement a low touch, simple auto replenishment system for their natural remedy and homeopathic products.

Application Deadline
February 28th, 2023
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Our client, a global natural remedies and homeopathy business, is looking for innovative solutions to enable it to auto replenish a number of products within independent pharmacies across the world without the need for heavy integration of systems or indeed a need to interface with any systems within the Pharmacies.

Using IOT or similar devices, the system has to be able to report that stock has been removed from the shelf or replaced and keep a track of the levels of stock for sale. It needs to report back to the client where stock needs to be replenished or give a real time view of all stock by location.

The solution has to be cost effective and easy to implement and maintain. 

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