Whole System Approach to Facilitate Net Zero Transition

Delivering electricity safely, reliably and efficiently

National Grid are seeking innovative whole system solutions to drive the energy transition towards net zero, delivering efficient network reinforcement, whilst maximising the positive benefits for the environment, communities, and individual consumers.

Application Deadline
January 15th, 2024
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National Grid is an energy company operating in the UK and US. We deliver electricity safely, reliably, and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve – all while working towards a clean energy future.

Our business areas play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use, while continually seeking ways to make the energy system cleaner. National Grid enable innovations to help revolutionise and decarbonise the future of energy.

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) own and maintain high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales to transport electricity. NGET is investing in the network to help connect more renewable and low carbon electricity, transporting it through our infrastructure of power lines and substations so it can reach the local networks. From there, district network operator can then provide power to homes and businesses.

NGET play a crucial role in turning the UK’s net zero ambitions into reality and are working hard to ensure our future transmission system is flexible, adaptable, and sustainable.

National Grid will play a leading role in enabling the transition to a clean energy system. We are looking to accelerate the transition, while balancing decarbonisation, affordability, and reliability. It is our aim to be a global leader in demonstrating technical and commercial solutions for the energy sector.

As we support the transition through the development and operation of critical infrastructure, we are also focussed on protection control area of the system. We have set ourselves challenging and ambitious goals based on Science Based Targets building on the achievements we have already had in our own activities. Developing new learnings, facilitating Energy System transition, benefiting vulnerable customers, and delivering net benefit to customers are our main priorities.


The whole energy economy is becoming more closely integrated. Understanding key interactions between sectors, and how these will impact the transmission system, allows us to develop whole system solutions that drive down overall costs for consumers.

The technical area that we are interested in:

  • Develop and understand capabilities of whole energy system modelling, including electricity, gas, heat, transport, etc., and an assessment of their capabilities and future evolution.
  • Whole system approach to facilitate customer connection, with an emphasis on renewable generation and storage, and the coordinated network planning associated with the transmission network and the interfaces to future active distribution systems.
  • Digitalisation of design, development, construction, maintenance, and operation of the network that uses a whole system approach to deliver the Net Zero energy transition.

What's in it for you?

A successful collaboration could mean, for individuals, becoming part of the wider National Grid group, while for organisations, forming a potential partnership with one of the world’s most iconic brands to co-develop and co-launch the idea to market.

These are global challenges and National Grid are willing to collaborate with both individuals/freelancers and other industry participants/universities etc. and solutions can be at any stage of development.

If you have or are developing solutions, or if you have expertise in the above, please click "Apply" to submit your solution/expertise to the Network.