Create, Share and Own your Digital Property through the power of NFTs.

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No-code minting platform to turn any type of content into tradable NFTs.

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March 7th, 2024
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Niftyz is a new breed of NFT ‘utility’ platform which welcomes all different types of businesses into the Web3 space. We empower professionals and enterprises to create, share and earn from their digital property in a way that is complementary and in harmony with their core value proposition. This is done by turning their existing know-how or passive assets such as reports and research, into tradable and marketable NFTs; finally opening up a new market for exchanging such valuable information which can be applicable from traditional industries to SaaS models.

At Niftyz we want to open doors towards Web3 for companies and individuals who do not have the privilege of previously knowing and experiencing this space. Which is why we have developed the Web3 Open Innovation Champion program. Kick off 2023 with this 2 week fully funded, practical program for brands to future-proof their products, service offerings and growth. The remote program is led by industry veterans who will inform you about the essential knowledge and processes associated with NFTs. They’ll present a range of use-cases, NFT accreditation, and guide you through a demo day in which you will present your NFT creation (either for your brand or a company of your choice). There are only 30 spots per cohort, please apply as soon as possible. For more information please visit our website ( or contact us via email ([email protected])