Stabilising Active Compounds in Cosmetic Formulations

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No7 Beauty Company are seeking innovative methods or tools to predict the stability of actives, and ways to improve stability in formulations.

Application Deadline
February 20th, 2024
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Our brand family offers personalized beauty and skincare solutions for people across the world. No7, with a rich beauty heritage, today is famous for harnessing cutting-edge science and technology to ensure an exceptional beauty experience is a luxury that is attainable for all. Inspired by nature the Liz Earle Beauty Company range cares for the wellbeing of customers and our world, whilst Soap & Glory promises fun, joy and luxury making every day simply more glorious. The energetic personalities of Botanics, Sleek MakeUP and Aromatherapy Associates complete the No7 Beauty Company family.


Cosmetic actives can be prone to oxidation and other reactions which cause degradation and form by-products which lead to discolouration, malodour and other negative product attributes. We need to ensure that our active ingredients remain efficacious and that the formulations remain stable and consistent throughout the whole of their shelf life. The move to natural actives will cause increased issues with stability and product aesthetics.

No7 are seeking solutions that cover:

  • Methods to predict stability (physical stability of formulations and chemical stability of actives) based on the chemical structure of ingredients and predicted instability mechanisms.
  • Ideas for ingredients, which are well tolerated by the skin, to help improve stability of ingredients e.g. reducing oxidation or other mechanisms of instability. 
  • ‘Shielding’ of actives to help improve stability but retain efficacy.
  • Technologies to mask undesirable properties of actives e.g. odour, colour, skin irritation.

Applications must match at least one of the following criteria:

  • Proven effectiveness in improving stability of actives.
  • Helps to speed up development times.
  • Enable active ingredients to be used at efficacious levels without compromising product quality.
  • Skin tolerance of products must be retained or improved.

No7 are seeking innovations and tools with proven efficacy that are ready to be implemented into our product development pipeline/process.

What's in it for you?

The opportunity to partner and work with No7 Beauty Company. We can offer our knowledge, expertise and networks in research, development and retail to take your idea or innovation and develop it into a consumer relevant proposition suitable for our consumers worldwide.

We are open to propositions from individuals, consultants, universities, spinout companies and SMEs. A successful application could lead to partnerships/joint ventures to co-develop and bring an idea to market, exclusive licensing of technologies or IP, or potentially the opportunity to become a part of the wider WBA business.

No7 will also be conducting a pitching session with successful round one applicants.