Dewatering Semi-Solid Complex Material

We must continually evolve and improve how we take care of one of life’s essentials.

Severn Trent are looking for innovators/ experts who can provide technologies to dewater the complex mix of water, organic and inorganic material.

Application Deadline
January 27th, 2022
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Severn Trent is a UK based FTSE 100 Water company serving 4.6m customers. We think water’s wonderful. It plays a critical role in all our lives, that’s why our customers and communities deserve a bold, ambitious plan for the future.


The Bioresources team at Severn Trent is looking for ways to enhance the products they recycle. Severn Trent produce over 200,000 tonnes of sewage sludge each year. The sludge is treated by anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and a nutrient rich digestate which is then recycled to farmland.

Severn Trent is looking for technologies that can dewater the complex mix of water, organic and inorganic materials. The technology must be able to dewater the material from 3% dry solids to more than 30%.

Any non-confidential summaries of novel ideas in these areas would be of potential interest.

What's in it for you?

Collaborating with Severn Trent in this area, delivering measurable improvement to our dewatering performance could result in a commercial contract with Seven Trent, but it will also give the successful innovators a platform to showcase the assets/ technologies/ new processes to the rest of the industry.