The Center For Innovation

A gateway for education innovation in Japan and abroad.

This Network is currently inactive.
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The Center For Innovation is seeking solutions for improving student learning outcomes, facilitating modern digital education delivery, supporting multilingual and cross-border education exchange, and transforming students into future ready leaders of positive change.

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The Center For Innovation is a Tokyo based non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to cultivating education innovation in Japan and abroad by serving as a gateway between cultures and working with partners to apply cutting edge solutions to modern education challenges.

The Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) recently launched an ambitious reform agenda aimed at developing a new generation of future-ready, globally minded Japanese learners. Our mission is to serve as a key driver of this and other education innovation initiatives in order to support future leaders who are equipped to build a more sustainable, equitable, peaceful, and prosperous future for Japan and the world.

Working with our partners internationally we identify critical issues in education globally and in Japan, explore solutions, and facilitate action and outreach with educators on the ground. We aim to constantly expand the boundaries of “common wisdom” in education and to promote new and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the modern world.

The Center For Innovation works with a wide variety of public and private institutions in Japan and across the globe in four key domains to achieve this mission:

  • Innovation
  • Outreach
  • Partnership
  • Technology

The Center For Innovation also represents a powerful collective of education innovators whose solutions and expertise can be leveraged to push the education agenda forward and bring concrete solutions to some of the greatest education challenges facing Japanese and global societies today.


The Center For Innovation is looking for innovators in the field of education to contribute solutions to pressing education challenges and help expand the boundaries of education theory and practice.

Innovations can include anything from education technology solutions, curriculum and curriculum development, professional development resources, special education tools, assessment, learning analytics, and diagnostic instruments, new education programs and services, expert consultative services, pedagogical frameworks, education research, and much more.

Individual experts, practitioners, specialists, and thought leaders in education are also encouraged to join our innovation network in order to lend their unique skills and knowledge to the education innovation agenda.

What's in it for you?

The aim of this network is to source education innovations, bringing these to the attention of both public institutions and corporates who may wish to develop and use those solutions to accelerate their efforts in the education field. 

The network also aims to generate impactful collaborations between innovators, institutions, private industry, educators, and students in order to cultivate education innovation at all levels.

Innovations on the network can be anywhere from concept to commercially available.

Market ready innovations can be brought to the attention of those looking to purchase or expand such solutions, and concept level or prototype innovations can be introduced to individuals and institutions capable of funding and accelerating their continued development.

As an innovator or expert on our network, you will gain exposure to some of the biggest global companies, leading universities, and public institutions while showcasing your products, services, skills and expertise. 

The Center For Innovation is committed to leveraging our extensive network of partners and distributed expertise in education, business, technology, the non-profit sector, and the Japanese education community to support innovators in the Network and cultivate impactful collaborations.

Support from The Center For Innovation includes localisation of materials from Japanese to English and English to Japanese, advisement on education innovation development, and facilitation of strategic partnerships with other innovators or institutions looking for solutions.

When it comes to education innovation, your success is all of our success, and together we can make a difference for students around the world.