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About the University

What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow… such is the popular local saying which resonates with both the cultural development of our City and the scientific and technological innovations emanating from The University of Manchester.

With its roots in the industrial revolution, Manchester has always been amongst the innovation vanguard, world-famous for inventions, discoveries and research and for putting that knowledge to work in real-world applications. The University of Manchester has played a key role in this success, being the home of 25 Nobel laureates and a whole host of eminent scientists and technologists with prestigious international reputations.

UMIP – The University of Manchester Intellectual Property (IP) – is central to the University’s innovation strategy and helps turn world-leading research into world-beating companies, products and services. In the last nine years, the University’s spin-out businesses have attracted over £225M of funding, whilst its intellectual property has been successfully licensed to multi-national companies and local business alike.