Field of Expertise

Innovation, Strategy, & OKRs


➡️ I help medium-sized companies to innovate and make measurable progress towards their business outcomes so their company thrives. Over the years, I’ve used proven and guaranteed Innovation & OKR processes to generate tangible business outcomes in 12 weeks ⏱️ for companies including Roche, IBM and many others. As the head of your organisation, your objectives include: 🌟 Keeping your organisation competitive 🌟 Unlocking new market opportunities 🌟 Balancing the performance of now while looking to the future 🌟 Adapt to the changing customers' needs 🌟 Ensuring there is alignment and focus in the organisation …and a whole lot more Unexpected obstacles can hinder your progress despite your intentions to achieve these objectives. Studies indicate that at least two-thirds of these fall short. To overcome these challenges, you must ensure that you are innovating your organisation by refreshing your business model and value proposition that resonates with your customers, employees and stakeholders and provide alignment and focus on delivering on these objectives. My expertise lies in assisting organisations in developing business model innovation, sharpe strategy execution with OKRs and other processes that drive your business forward. When we collaborate, I support your strategic and leadership abilities, guiding you in identifying, developing, and executing your organisation's ideal business design strategy. Whether you need to modify an existing business design or start from scratch, I offer proven tools and a clear roadmap to follow. Together, we can pinpoint your challenges and seize growth opportunities. As an MBA-qualified Innovation & OKR consultant, author, pracademic & lecturer, my core strength is transforming scattered ideas and plans into a concise and cohesive strategy, your team will enthusiastically implement, whether developing innovation or executing a strategy with OKRs. Here are three areas I focus on to help your business stay ahead: Innovation Programmes 🌟 OKR Programmes 🌟 Strategic Management 🌟 My experience, book "Online Innovation," and Forbes contributions can also provide valuable support for your business in today's challenging market. Let's discuss ↳ [email protected] ↳