Field of Expertise

Renewable energy, Waste Management, Anaerobic Digestion, Entrepreneurship, ScaleUp, Startup Strategy


Sandra Sassow co-founded SEaB Power Ltd to work towards a future in which cities or remote communities can capitalize on their waste to create renewable sources of energy and curb the negative impacts of waste collection processes. SEaB’s shipping container devices can be placed behind community locations such as grocery stores and hospitals, where they use bacteria to anaerobically digest organic waste created at that location and produce usable fertilizer, energy, and water as a result.
Sandra’s effort in being a role model for women in business innovation and actively influencing the green tech sector through both technological and business development, has been globally recognised and appraised with several awards and nominations, the most recent being speaking at the UN Solution Summit and being selected for the finals of Shell’s Global New Energy Challenge. Sandra has also collected the Spotlight on Women in STEM at the Women in Business Awards and was shortlisted ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Investor Allstars Awards, which is often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the European entrepreneurial and investor community. Through Sandra, SEaB was featured in CNBC, BBC and WIRED and was selected from over 500 applicants by the NASA backed sustainability initiative, ‘LAUNCH: Beyond Waste,’ as a provider of a global game-changing technology to address climate change. We claimed the Design and Sustainability award at UKSPA’s 30th Anniversary Awards and won the Canary Wharf Cognicity Challenge: Integrated Resource Management. More recently, SEaB won the Future City Technology of the Year and the Renewable Energy Project of the Year, both by BusinessGreen.