Field of Expertise

Thermal Processing Specialists


Currently MD of the UK's only dedicated thermal processing facility with two retorts on site for use by or for clients. Established to provide easier access to the complexities of establishing validated or optimised processes for longer shelf life foods without significant up front capital outlay. Work with clients to ensure optimised process and product organoleptics but without compromising product safety. Full training suite available and courses run at different levels either on or off site. Thermal logging equipment sales, training and maintenance also offered

I am a marine biologist and started working on salmon farms for Unilever, before moving to yellow fats and NPD work for Van den Berghs. Launched the Fabulous Bakin' Boys as the UK's first true challenger brand before leaving at the height of their success to buy and run a mussel farm in the Highlands of Scotland. The birth of twins meant moving back down south and re-joining the flour and baking world with Shipton Mill.

This was a complex role across 3 companies and 16 years in total being responsible for all marketing of the mill and flours, Managing Director of The Celtic Bakers Ltd in London making the highest quality handmade artisan bread supplying Waitrose with their top tier sourdough bread range. At the same time overseeing the acquisition of and becoming Managing Director of Everfresh Natural Foods, a very specialised bakery making breads and cakes from sprouted grains and exporting 70% of turn over all over the world. It was here that for 12 years I worked with pasteurising equipment giving the breads and cakes 10 months ambient shelf life with no preservatives and winning a £650k Innovate UK grant.

Now MD of the Food Incubator