Field of Expertise

Food & Beverage Sector with Farming Knowledge


With multiple clients represented I have a portfolio of ingredients and materials that are fit for purpose targeting ongoing consumer trends and the demands of an ever challenging consumer.

Zeolites are a magical material that have multiple functions and applications all of which are aimed at making the world a better place to live in and happier animals.

Also in my stable is a salt reducing natural ingredient derived from wine-making that helps bring natural colour, flavour enhancement, umami and plant protein off-note masking all in the one ingredient.

Sugar reduction and fibre enrichment are two other key areas of interest through the possibility to use organic agave ingredients. the use of agave inulin in particular to bring a great tasting fibre enrichment opportunity to various applications, is proving of significant interest to the European market that requires a higher fibre intake.

I live on a small holding in the rural county of Herefordshire immersed in the world of agriculture, one of the hardest working and least rewarded industries you can think of. An industry that is being called upon to grow more, faster, cleaner, better and at reduced cost. Quality food costs and that we need to start paying for.

All the knowledge learnt over the years now offers me the chance to try and make food products that little bit better, and also the environment we live in, that little bit more efficient and a nicer place to be.