Field of Expertise

Immersive experiences, metaverse, 3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality


rooom is an international company with multiple locations in Germany and the USA. We offer an all-in-one platform for the creation, management and sharing of impressive 2D, 3D, AR and VR experiences. We specialize in virtual and hybrid events, 3D product presentations and virtual showrooms for companies in any industry. Discover completely new experiences for education, culture, marketing and sales.
Our virtual experience solutions are completely web-based, available any time and on any device.

Our four products:

1. spaceCloud
A walkable 3D virtual space will generate increased interest in your company and your products, while supporting your sales team in the long term. Now, you can use the metaverse to present products in a virtual showroom, conduct immersive digital tours of any location, and more.

2. productCloud
The rooom productCloud enables you to easily and quickly turn your products into 3D models and integrate them into your online shop or website. Your products will be available to view in 3D and Augmented Reality, at any time and on any device — even via social media or email.

3. eventCloud
The rooom eventCloud is an event platform to implement all your internal and external online and hybrid events - on one central platform. Highly interactive with rich networking opportunities, your event with rooom is guaranteed to be a success.

4. immerseCloud
As a modern marketing tool, Augmented Reality technology offers you extensive possibilities. Print products, advertising, tourism destinations, and much more can be transformed into immersive experiences that will delight your customers with the rooom immerseCloud.

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