Field of Expertise

regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, agroecology, farming training, agricultural extension


Florence Reed is a prizewinning thought leader, innovative practitioner, and deeply engaging speaker who believes that when people work together, things can change for the better. This belief led her to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama in the early nineties. In 1997, Reed founded Sustainable Harvest International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with rural Central American communities to implement sustainable farming practices and preserve tropical forests. As the organization’s chief visionary and networker, Florence spends her time in rich conversations with internal and external stakeholders, bringing together farmers, donors, volunteers and others to catalyze changes for a better future. Her entrepreneurial spirit and interest in expanding horizons makes identifying new opportunities for collaboration a favorite part of Florence’s work.

The current focus of her passion is on leading SHI’s Million Farm Transformation scaling up initiative and seeking partners to reach that vision. Florence enjoys representing SHI with the 20x20 Initiative,, the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration and other networks, as well as being a member of advisory committees for the National Peace Corps Association and Regeneration International.

Florence lives in Surry, ME with her family in a home they built with primarily local materials. They are close to reaching their goal of being fossil fuel independent and grow much of their own food.