Field of Expertise

Neuroscience, brain technology, neurotech


I work at Emotiv advising researchers and businesses and everyone in between about the developments and applications of brain tech and how it can be of use to them. My background is not a neuroscientist researcher, but an expert in training. I've met with people and companies all over the world doing amazing work and I am looking to pass on that knowledge and connect the dots for potential clients.

Emotiv is a bio-informatics and tech company specializing in the hardware and software of wearable EEG (electroencephalography). This ranges from flying a drone with your thoughts, capturing cognitive stress in a work environment, building an app to help detect epileptic seizures to determining what buyers like about your ad.

When meeting potential new clients or demonstrating our tech, I like to bring facts, expertise and transparency to the table. If you would like to take a look at Emotiv tech or learn more about EEG in general, please message me on LinkedIn.

Outside of work, I like to coach & play hockey for fun and spend time on the golf course during the summer (not sure if it's fun...)!