FreshCheck's complete hygiene verification system allows users to keep a record of good hygiene. It is not reliant on bespoke software & is as fast and affordable as current tools.


FreshCheck's complete hygiene verification systems comprises a colour-change swab and data recording app. The swabs are low cost, rapid and have the same sensitivity to biological contaminants as the market standards. The colour-change tests are visible to the eye, removing the reliance on prohibitively expensive hardware that current tests require. This means hygiene testing and data collection is easier than ever before, allowing large companies to cut costs or increase hygiene testing. And, for the first time, it allows smaller companies to keep hygiene records and provide due diligence to secure manufacturing contracts with larger outlets.

The core colour-change chemistry that is used in the swab is patent pending and has been independently verified. The swabs are not just applicable to the food industry, but are able to verify the effectiveness of cleaning procedures in all industries. This allows companies to ensure hygienic conditions to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease (such as coronavirus) and prove to their customers and staff that facilities are safe to use.

Key Benefits

FreshCheck has several benefits:
- Affordability. The colour-change swabs are £0.60 - 1.00 per test, and are not reliant on bespoke hardware which costs £750+ up front and often has a yearly service charge.
- Simplicity. The colour-change swabs are easy to use and understand. This allows employees of any training level to perform testing.
- Stability. The colour-change swabs do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of at least 2 year, making them easy to store and handle.
- Accessible. Data recording and analysis can be done on any smartphone or tablet, and the app has a simple method for setting up sample plans. This makes hygiene testing easy to implement and accessible to all businesses, where previously it was too expensive and required professional consultation.
- Reliability. The swabs do not require a handheld device to generate a result, meaning that if smartphones or tablets are unavailable, testing can still be performed. This reduces downtime in areas where hygiene verification is operation critical.

All of these qualities make FreshCheck the first hygiene verification tool available for organisations of all sizes. By allowing smaller food manufacturers access to the same level of hygiene monitoring, it will allow them to offer food and beverages to larger outlets, like M&S. By making hygiene data easy to process and understand, it will also allow companies like M&S to bring in more unique and local foods to improve product range, reduce carbon impacts from shipping and create an improved customer experience.


The clearest market for FreshCheck's complete hygiene verification system is food manufacture. Hygiene verification is already required, and the leading technology holds a £500+mn share of the market. FreshCheck offers clear improvements over these technologies. FreshCheck's system also allows food outlets (e.g. restaurants and pubs) to access hygiene verification for the first time. Without the need for unreliable and expensive machinery, outlets will be able to monitor their hygiene and ensure a safe environment for their staff and customers. This will also provide them with a clear due diligence defence to improve food hygiene ratings as well as clearly marketable hygiene records to improve customer confidence in a post-COVID era.

FreshCheck is also applicable outside of the food industry. Any organisation with high footfall or multiple customer/employee touch points is at a risk of shut down or disruption from infectious disease. The unique affordability and simplicity of FreshCheck's system means that these organisations can proactively improve safety. Areas of particular focus include healthcare, gyms, hospitality and transport hubs but there a great deal of opportunities.

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