InnovaFeed has developped a ingredient extracted from the larvae we raise with a high value in human nutrition


InnovaFeed is a biotech company that produces a new source of nutrients from insect rearing (Hermetia illucens) for plant, animal and soon human nutrition. InnovaFeed’s mission is to participate in the rise of sustainable food systems, in order to feed a growing population in a healthy and affordable way, while relieving pressure on our natural resources.

We have developed a versatile protein concentrate that can be valorized in a number of food applications.

Key Benefits

InnovaFeed offers a high quality protein alternative, with lower environmental impact than other vegetal and animal based equivalents.

High quality because it covers perfectly all the needs in proteins of the human body : it has a better essential amino acid profile (EAA) than most vegetal proteins. the ingredient also present good digestibility.

Low environmental impact thanks to the development of a unique industrial symbiosis model, where InnnovaFeed benefits from a colocation with its suppliers of energy and feed for the insects. Overall, InnovaFeed's ingredient emits up to 95% less CO2 eq. than other animal based products, and 60-70% less than other vegetal equivalent ingredients.


InnovaFeed is positioned as an ingredient supplier for the food industry. Our ingredient has beeen developed to be highly versatile and cover the largest range of potential applications.
4 main segments have been retained so far : snacks, high protein groceries, meat analogs and functional foods (sport and medical nutrition)
We are looking for partners to co-develop insect based applications on these segments

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